Gender neutral clothing is becoming more and more popular in the fashion industry. One of the reasons for this is gender fluidity, which has increased drastically in recent years. Gender-neutral or gender-inclusive clothing can be defined as anything that does not have gender-specific qualities or designations. Some people who are gender fluid might wear both male and female clothes, while others may want to simply feel less limited by gender norms when they are dressing.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the concept of gender-neutral fashion and list down 10 sustainable fashion brands that offer gender-neutral clothing.

What is gender fluidity?

Gender fluidity is an identity where one’s gender spectrum and gender expression are not limited to the binary of female or male. A gender-fluid person may identify as both, neither, or somewhere in between, depending on different points of their lives.

People who have nonbinary gender identities might also wear clothing that does not clearly indicate either gender. A gender-fluid person might also wear clothing that falls under the gender they present on a particular day. For example, someone who identifies as male but has days where they feel feminine may choose to dress in female clothes for those specific days.

Why gender-neutral clothing is important

Gender fluidity has been a part of human societies since ancient times, where different genders have been defined by the cultures that they lived in. In fact, gender was never considered as rigid and limited as it is now until very recently. The Western world’s obsession with gender binaries might stem from gender essentialism, the idea that men and women are fundamentally different due to biological reasons.

There were gender-neutral clothing trends in ancient times, such as skirts for both genders or swapping out trousers with kilt-like garments worn by women.

Wearing gender-neutral clothing is a form of gender expression. It does not mean that one has gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. People who wear gender-neutral clothes are usually people who want to simply feel less restricted by traditional norms when they dress, regardless of whether their gender identities align with the sex assigned to them at birth or not.

Celebrities such as Harry Styles and Jaden Smith have been known for their gender-fluid fashion statements.

10 Sustainable Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

There are a lot of sustainable fashion brands that sell gender-inclusive clothing. Here are some gender-neutral fashion brands we recommend:

Official Rebrand

Official Rebrand

Founded by a New York-based designer, Official Rebrand is a gender-neutral brand that focuses on genderless and ageless streetwear pieces. Made from discarded clothing that is painted or altered, Official Rebrand upcycles materials to create gender-neutral clothing such as gender-neutral tees and accessories that are fun yet functional.

The eco-friendly brand celebrates gender fluidity by dissociating its upcycled garments from gendered categories and gender binaries.


IJJI clothing

IJJI is a gender-neutral fashion brand based in California that offers genderless clothing made from natural fibers and sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, deadstock fabrics, and cupro.

The gender-neutral and sustainable clothing brand’s garments are made to be versatile, with all its pieces having silhouettes that are perfect for both men and women. All of its apparel is manufactured in California, near IJJI’s local studio, to ensure that gender-neutral clothing is made ethically.



CILIUM is a gender-neutral and genderless apparel brand that celebrates innovation, transformability, and gender non-exclusivity. Gender-free apparel started when two of its founders began to question gender in clothing.

In 2013, CILIUM was able to show at New York Fashion Week with its gender-inclusive fashion collection that featured minimalist and flowy apparel.

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch

A Menswear-inspired apparel for all gender and bodies, Kirrin Finch, is a New York-based genderless brand that features dapper design clothing made from all-natural fabrics and organic materials.

Best known for their suits, blazers, oxfords, and shorts that fit a range of female and non-binary bodies, Kirrin Finch partners with the most ethical and sustainable factories around the globe to ensure that all of their clothing is made ethically.

Riley Studio

Riley Studio

Riley Studio is a genderless and sustainable fashion brand based in London. It does not categorize its designs under women’s clothing or menswear.

The gender-free clothing company aims to tackle the overproduction and consumption of the fashion industry by using organic and recycled materials such as ECONYL® Yarn, Recover® Yarn, and organic cotton into making the quintessential British wardrobe.

Riley Studio also offers a lifetime repair guarantee to ensure that all their garments do not waste.

Origami Customs

Origami Customs

Origami Customs is a handmade genderless fashion brand based in Montreal, Canada, focusing on creating customized swimwear and lingerie that are gender-affirming.

Using gender-neutral and genderless swimwear as an entry point, the sustainable fashion company now creates gender-neutral designs from organic fabrics and recycled materials such as bamboo and deadstock fabric.

The brand also remains ethical and transparent within its supply chain by partnering with closed-loop and family-owned partners.

Human Nation

Human Nation

Subverting gender norms in the fashion industry, Human Nation is a genderless and size-inclusive brand that aims to make high-quality, well-made clothing for all bodies.

Using organic cotton and recycled polyester in their unisex clothing, Human Nation also gives back by donating 3% of their profits to the Why Not You Foundation to empower the youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.



Offering sustainable underwear made to fit all shapes and sizes regardless of gender, TomboyX is a gender-fluid underwear company that aims to create gender-inclusive apparel without gender norms.

The sustainable fashion brand’s undergarments are made from sustainable & OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics with no harmful chemicals. All of its gender-neutral pieces are ethically manufactured in Asia and South America.

Zero Waste Daniel

zero waste daniel

Founded by fashion designer and zero waste advocate Daniel Silverstein, Zero Waste Daniel creates gender-neutral fashion to reduce waste and consumption.

Using hard-to-recycle materials and pre-consumer waste from New York City’s garment industry, Zero Waste Daniel offers gender-nonconforming clothing with unique styles such as its mosaics and 3-d floral collection for both men and women.



For eco-conscious basics that are nonbinary and gender-neutral, Oregon-based brand Olderbrother is your best bet.

Olderbrother uses organic and deadstock fabric in their clothing and cultivates their own natural dyes to create genderless apparel and accessories.

The sustainable fashion company also ensures gender inclusion by making gender-neutral clothing for all bodies.


Whether you identify as a woman, man, nonbinary, or anything in between, wearing gender-neutral clothing is a form of self-expression.

You can finally say goodbye to gendered sizing and clothing that doesn’t fit your body type with gender-neutral fashion.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand the basics of gender-neutral fashion and has given you some resources to find clothes that fit your needs. No matter your identity or preferences, we believe in empowering people with clothing options so they can dress authentically for themselves.

What do you think about wearing gender-neutral clothing? How do gender norms affect your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below!